Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet the Artist: ShadowJewels

 Rhonda & Coob

Shadow designs wonderful shabby chic and Victorian style jewelry using vintage rhinestones, lampwork glass, crystal beads and Genuine gemstone briolettes. We made a short interview with Rhonda.

1. When did you start ShadowJewels? How long have you been creating your own jewelry? Was there a particular event that sparked it?

White opal glass snowflake filigree necklace
ShadowJewels is entirely the fault of the internet. About 12 years ago, I got a new computer. 
Once I got online, unfortunately I discovered cybershopping.  I started collecting Victorian jewelry, but that was frustrating for me because the pieces I really wanted were too expensive.  Then one day I bought a necklace with a broken clasp~ a bargain! And decided to learn how to fix it. 
When I found you could buy vintage beads and jewelry parts online, that was the end of my normal life. Zowie! 'This will be much cheaper', I thought.  Sure! Now I have a whole room full of the stuff. It has not been cheaper than buying the Victorian jewelry, but it sure has been more fun.

2. What drew you to Etsy?

Finding Etsy was like coming home for me. I love handmade, of course....and when I saw how vintage was taking off, that was wonderful!
The community here is just so creative, and positive, and eco conscious.

3. I'd absolutely love it if you could tell everyone about Coob.

Shabby chic charm bracelet vintage glass and filigree

Oh Cooby. He's a character.  When my husband moved here from France, he brought Coob with him. At first we really didn't click, because he  couldn't understand me! Coob didn't speak English. "Come here boy!",  "Cooby get out of there!", and "Coob, dinner!"  were all met with the same puzzled, blank stare. He must have thought I was a retard ("look at thees seely woman, she does not speak a zee francais"). He learned fast though, and it didn't take long for him to become part of the family.  Now if somebody is speaking French to him, it's because he's in trouble. LOL!

4. You are the Queen of the Treasuries (in my humble opinion)... How do you find inspiration for your wonderful collections?

For me, making a treasury is a similar process to making my jewelry. Sometimes I'm inspired by a special item, a color, a season, mood, song, story, or poem....lately I find I am drawn more and more to Emily Dickinson, that quintessential peculiar woman. I'm right there with you Emily, getting stranger by the day!

5. What season of the year do you find most peaceful?

Love them all, except summer. I melt.

6. What are the top three songs on your Playlist right now?

Sixties!  Blind Faith~ Can't Find my way Home,  Jefferson Airplane~ Somebody to Love,  and Jimi Hendrix~ Machine Gun.

7. Animal, vegetable, mineral.

Giraffe, artichoke, quartz. Ametrine, tourmaline, garnet, aquamarine, kyanite, labradorite....  wait a minute, what was the question?

8. If you could spend a day with a picnic lunch, your favorite book, and a beautiful place -- what would be in the lunch basket, what book would you bring, and where would you go?

Sterling silver gemstone
A simple lunch, some brie and fruit; the Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss ( just started it); in Sequoia National Park. 
I love exploring the high Sierra, and sequoia forests are my most favorite places of all. Nothing else comes close to that feeling of sheer joy, peace, and contentment.  
My husband and I go out camping every chance we get. You can see his beautiful nature photography on my flickr page

9. Any advice or encouragement for fellow artists or Etsyians?

Find what inspires you, hold on tight, and then follow your dreams.  Work hard at it every single day. Remember to stay positive.  Instant Karma's gonna get you!

Rhonda - the woman behind ShadowJewels is hosting a giveaway - be sure and enter to win this gorgeous Winter Flower Bracelet!

Please visit Rhonda's shop and explore her newest jewelry designs
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  1. Really enjoyed reading this!
    SO much personality insights of this talented jeweler :D

  2. I am a huge fan of Shadows Jewels. I love her designs and choices of jewels to put together. I really enjoyed learning more about her!

  3. Great interview for a wonderful jewelry artist!

  4. It's so nice to meet the person behind the art :)

  5. Such a wonderful interview! And so talented!

  6. loved to read about this talented jewelry designer!

  7. This was a really enjoyable read! Great interview. :)

  8. I loved reading this and that picture is adorable! Shadow Jewels is one of my absolute favorite jewelry shops on Etsy.

  9. So glad to meet you Shadow! Thanks a lot for sharing your story and inspiration! :)


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