Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet the Artist ~ Jelena of JPwithLove

Meet the Artist ~ Jelena of JPwithLove
Interviewed by JeannieRichard as taken from JR Blog

Polymer clay is all the craze in today’s crafting world.
You see them as itty bitty cute cakes and as pretty flower hair accessories and jewelry.
But none thus far has made us think twice than Jelena of JPwithLove jewelry and hair accessories creations! Her work displays sublime meaning on simple form, rich color and detailed texture, which so elegantly and boldly expresses her passion for life!
We absolutely love her signature style of elongated shapes earrings that would make an lady exude much femininity and confidence.
Let’s have a little coffee chat with a lady with much gusto for life, Jelena of JPwithLove :D

JR: Tell us more about your fashion career/adventures before you started JPwithLove :)
Jelena: I lived in Florence (Italy) for 8 years. While I was studying, I was working for a company that had a chain of stores all around Florence selling clothing and accessories for younger population. 
It was then when I started paying more attention to fashion. Fashion style and trends in Italy changes so quickly that is difficult to keep up. But somehow, I was able to foresee future trends and colors that are going to be popular next season. 
I developed my own style and I was always looking for accessories that are special, different and interesting to match with my outfits.

JR: Would you consider a fashionable chic person and what is your typical style?
Jelena: Yes, I love fashion and I pay a lot of attention to details. I think that if you find the right pair of shoes and a nice shirt, mix it up with interesting accessories, you can look great without spending a fortune on big brands. I love colors as well, so I adventure myself in color combos like yellow and turquoise, purple and emerald green.

JR: We see many young girls today dressing close to nothing, would you call that fashion?
Jelena: No, not at all. I think that every woman should find her own style and should not buy a piece of clothing because her friend has the same.

JR: What attracted you to leave beautiful Florence for sunny Florida?
Jelena: MY husband :) I never thought I would be so far away from home.

JR: Are there artistic inspirations difference when you were in Florence and now in Florida?
Jelena: Absolutely, Italians pays more attention to fashion.

JR: Love is your inspiration as you put it on your personal blog. How does that manifest in your jewelry designs?
Jelena: Well, I make only pieces that I would wear myself. I love what I do and I put a piece of me in every item I make out of polymer clay. I make my jewelry with lots of care, I want everything I make to be perfect : )

JR: Does spirituality play a part in your artistic creations?
Jelena: Definitely, my mood reflects on what I am creating.

JR: What are your artistic beliefs?
Jelena: You can do whatever you want, just be persistent and don’t EVER give up your beliefs!

JR: Talent vs hard work, what is your take?
Jelena: You need a bit of talent and a lot of hard work to be successful. I would say 30/70.

JR: In your own words, a woman who doesn’t wear jewelry is … ?
Jelena: …too simple. I think jewelry reflects your personality, so women should all wear jewelry.

JR: What other interests do you engage besides jewelry making?
Jelena: Oh, I looove to cook and try new recipes, l love to travel and explore new cultures and try different, local food. I am pretty much DIY person, when I see something I like, I start thinking on how I can make it : ) Right now I am thinking how to learn to crochet, I would like to make a great cowl for me.

JR: What kind of foods do you love most – spicy? creamy? sweet? salty? etc?
Jelena: Mediterranean > red, green and white colored plates are always the best choice, and I love spicy food too.

JR: You are no doubt a coffee lover – any great blends/brands to recommend ;)
Jelena: For me, the perfect coffee is 100% Arabica Columbia Supremo.

JR: How would a perfect day be for you?
Jelena: Every day full of love and understanding!

JR: We live in a world of uncertainty; we wouldn’t know what would happen in the next 30-minutes. What and how will you live today if it was your last.
Jelena: I would love to be surrounded with people I love – my family and friends.

JR: In your life thus far, who motivates and influences your way of living the most?
Jelena: My husband, he is my strongest support!

We hope you all have enjoyed this fast-paced interview!
It certainly has helped inject Jelena’s contagious passion of life into our day and hope it has for you too!
Until next Wednesday for another coffee session, you can find Jelena all over the digital world ;)

JPwithLove will be having a giveaway from March 7 - March 21st  2012 so come back again :D


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  2. Loved hearing more about Jelena and what inspires her beautiful jewelry and accessories!

  3. Great interview! Jelena's jewelry pieces are amazing!


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