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Meet the Artist ~ Jen of BoutiqueVintage72

Meet the Artist ~ Jen of BoutiqueVintage72
Interviewed by JeannieRichard

The first thing that sprung into mind when I think of Jen is eco-conscious boho chic chick –
guilt-free fashion accessories, guilt-free plush toys, guilt-free everything from her shop!
Jen's items are all about being eco-friendly while looking good and boy does she have really sweet and pretty things that you just want to possess!
Come sit a while with this fun and chirpy lady of BoutiqueVintage72 :D

ISG: Describe yourself in under 50 words
Jen: Silly, hopeful, down to earth, determined, a big believer in the power of good. I am definitely a "think outside of the box" kind of girl and a DIY fanatic. Lover of; long books, unfamiliar airports, cold streams, green hills, good food and farm fresh anything.

ISG: What was your profession before finding yourself as an eco-conscious designer?
Jen: I worked as a cook before graduating from culinary school where I majored in baking and pastry. I spent about 10 years as a pastry chef in restaurants and hotels in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. I absolutely loved the creative freedom of creating my own dessert menus and being able to search the local farmer's markets for inspiration. I loved the sense of family that is created in a kitchen crew and seeing people enjoy my food and the honor of creating wedding cakes was just such a joy. For my life at that time, it was the perfect career for me.

ISG: Why the change (from previous profession)?
Jen: As creatively satisfying as my profession was, it was also very stressful. Managing a pastry department and several pastry cooks, worrying about the cost analysis of each component on the plate, inventory, ordering, last minute banquet orders for 500 desserts on the fly, working every single holiday and weekend, typically working 50 hours per week. In my twenties, it was fun and exciting, but after I met my husband and we decided to start a family, I wanted a slower pace and a more peaceful life. I still work in a kitchen Monday through Friday at my daughter's elementary school and I couldn't be happier!

ISG: How did you find yourself in jewelry designing and why particularly eco-friendly?
Jen: I have always had a quirky sense of style, kind of a cross between tomboy casual and 1960's Bridget Bardot. I started creating jewelry because I could never find the kind of relaxed but interesting pieces I wanted to wear. Being eco-friendly is really second nature to me it's really just about living thoughtfully and responsiblly. I also have a lot more fun creatively when I am able to up-cycle. I love to look at a scrap of fabric or a piece of paper and challenge myself to make something useful and beautiful.

ISG: How would you describe your jewelry style?
Jen: Bohemian, whimsical, fun, relaxed and easy to wear.

ISG: Besides jewelry, you also create lovely tooth fairy pillows - what gave you that 'eureka'?
Jen: For a short time, my husband and I owned a small gift shop in Los Angeles, as the buyer for our store, I came across some tooth fairy pillows. I brought one of the pillows home for our daughter and realized that design wise, it was missing some really important elements and most of all, personality! I started tinkering around with different fabrics and themes, added the strap at the top so it can be hung from a door knob or bed post and finished it all with a happy little tooth pocket made from Eco Felt. My daughter absolutely LOVED the pillow I made for her and she is still my design consultant!

ISG: Life is precious however the way most people live is wanton. What is the one message that you would like to tell the world?
Jen: It has taken me a long time to realize that all that we have is what is right in front of us. Falling into the trap of thinking "I'll be happy when I have this or that" is just a waste of precious time. Finding the happy in each moment, appreciating each breath as an opportunity to grow and become who you were put on this Earth to be is a blessing. Nothing I can buy will ever bring me as much joy as a hug from my kid, a cup of tea with my Mom or a walk in the sun. I guess my message would be to live simply, be kind and look for joy because it is closer than you think.


Jen will be having a giveaway from March 21st to April 3rd,  so do check back tomorrow :D



  1. Thank you so much for the interview, it is an honor to be featured in your fabulous blog! :)

  2. Really enjoyed reading Jen's interview! Very talented and I love her work!


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