Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet the Artist - Maria of Call of Earth

Meet the Artist - Maria of Call of Earth
Interviewed by JeannieRichard

As a beader myself, I truly appreciate the thought Maria has put into her designs and lovingly stitching them into form. In fact, Call of Earth is one of the many inspiring shops that encouraged me to open our shop on Etsy! Her unique and simple designs are enduring through trends and would make a lasting sentimental piece in your life.

ISG: Describe yourself in under 50 words.
Maria: My name is Maria. I was born in Kazakhstan in a family of mathematicians however, my love was always something in the creative - like learning to play piano for 14 years. When I was 20, I left everything familiar and emigrated to Israel with just one small bag. It was feeling like I was creating a beginning, for me to say that today I'm 20 years old!
Today, I am a mother of three amazing children, and a wife to a very special man and artist.

ISG: You are person who is very in touch with your inner sensations, how do you process that into your jewelry?
Maria: All my life, I was looking for the inner meaning of all things visible, something that cannot be seen by the eyes, but felt by sensations. Like Albert Einstein said, "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." I just going with my inner sensations when I choose colors, materials, etc.

ISG: How would you define your design styles?
Maria: My design styles are very natural - all that I create is related to events that strike me and want to share it. Right now it's “Life is really simple, but we just insist on making it complicated.“ If I remember correctly, it's Confucius. So most of my latest design minimalist and simple.

ISG: Describe to us your typical creative process :)
Maria: My creative process is like being in a trance state - like from another person's perspective, like an out of body experience, looking at myself choosing colors and starting the creation. Sometimes, I will research before "dreaming" about something or I listen to music, often with classic music or some song that I wake up with :)

ISG: Does spirituality play a role in your work?
Maria: Spirituality permeates all of my life :)

ISG: If you had one boon from God, how would you use it?
Maria: First of all, I feel blessed and I strive to be grateful. How I use it? Spread it with word.

ISG: What is the one motto in life that you would love to share with us?
Maria: My life motto: Life is never-ending journey. Happiness is to remember it and enjoy this trip.

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Call of Earth will be having a giveaway from May 2 to 15, come back tomorrow ;)

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